Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Swim lesson

Connor started swim lessons right when Preschool ended. It was a great way to get the summer started and get him comfortable in the water again.  Since just having had a baby it was a great way to keep him entertained and tire him out;) We took him to a friend who has been teaching kids how to swim for a long time right in her own backyard! He took to it very quickly and wanted to copy what the older kids were doing from the second day of class. Now that summer is about over I can say he has been amazing in the water and doesn't use his floaties anymore. He just wants to wear his goggles and try to dive down and get his toys. He kicks and goes under water super well, and loves jumping right in and swimming to the side all on his own now! He asks almost everyday when he gets home from Preschool if we can go to the pool. I will be sad when summer is officially over and our little man can't practice what he has been loving to do for the past few months.

      This kid has been fearless in the water. sometimes he freak me out with the stuff he wants do.

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