Wednesday, September 3, 2014

4Th of July, Nasa and a Baptism

My nephew Austin turned Eight this past summer. His baptism was over the fourth of July weekend, how awesome is that! So we headed down to Houston  to celebrate the fourth and for an even bigger celebration of Austin's decision to get baptized. We are so proud of you Austin you are such a  loving and wonderful example to  your family and cousins. We decided to add on the space museum onto this trip it was very patriot we thought;) Connor loves rockets and astronauts and  he loved being there. It was pretty amazing to see the Saturn V up close and walk all the way around it. Pretty incredible that they sent that into space. It was a great trip and always a fun time down in Houston with my brother. Thanks for having us and taking on such a big crowd all in one house.
                                        He was to short to stand in the face of the Astronaut

                                                     This was the back end of the Saturn V

                                                             My first selfie with my girl!
                                                              On the tour to rocket park
                                                      Cole showing Connor how to drive!
                                                                  Lots of water fun!

                                 Fireworks and sparklers, the fireworks were not impressive. sorry Eric.

                                              The man of the hour and his awesome family.
                                   And of course lots of cousin fun and silliness going on!
                                                           Austin and the crazy cousins
We were so happy to be apart of this weekend in honor of  Austin and his special day! We love you Austin

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