Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving, Baptism, and a Blessing

This year for thanksgiving we all headed over to my parents house and enjoyed the deep fried turkey together!!! It was great to see family that came from out of town and watch all the cousins hangout! Its always a busy day but so much fun. I always feel like I need to do a cleanse after thanksgiving food. Its all amazing but so heavy and lets be honest we all over eat on that day or for the next 2- 3 days (leftovers!)
I am so thankful to be close to family and spend time with each other during this season of gratitude. My heart feels so full for the many blessing that we have and I try to always count them each and every day. To try and do that everyday of the year and not just on thanksgiving. I love my savior and the gospel and thank him for a wonderful husband and son who bring so much happiness to my life.
Over the long weekend we also had a baptism and a baby blessing. So many great events, glad we could be apart of it!
Almost all the cousins

Congrats to this beautiful girl on getting baptized. We are so proud of you Hannah (on the left) and happy we could be there for your special day! This adorable little man Micah was blessed that Sunday as well. We are so glad you are here Micah!

Cruise to Mexico

This last October Gerret and I were able to go on a cruise to Cozumel and Progresso Yucatan Mexico with our friends Sean and awesome wife Becky! It was a very much need escape from work, school and more work. I am incredibly grateful to my parents for watching the little man while we were gone for the week. I though it was gonna be a little bit more difficult to leave him but after about a day I gotta say with was Wonderful!!! Don't get me wrong I missed the Monkey but, was still a great break.
while we were in Progresso we went to the Chichen- Itza ruins. They were beautiful and one of the seven wonders of the world. Our tour guide was very informative about the Mayan ruins and there history down there. They were still excavating close to the ruins. and are still discovering more underground that they haven't gotten to yet.

We got to Cozumel and the beaches were beautiful, the water was warm, the sand was white, fish tacos, and there was shopping! what more could you ask for;) This was a fun day. we were persuaded into renting a scooter. which was really fun glad we did, and we cruised down the coast a little bit to a beach that had a pool, shopping and a restaurant. we laid out there for a few hours and just relaxed it was awesome I did not want to leave that spot.

This was the first time I went on a cruise and it wont be the last. It really is a great way to vacation see parts of the world and relax, and have everything taken care of for you. So glad we could go and already looking forward to our next one!!!!
Here are some pictures from the trip.

Carnival cruise ship!
Chichen-Itza ruins they are massive and beautiful!

These are at Cozumel the water is perfect.

These are toward the end of the trip;( we had such a great time so glad we could go with good friends. We were able to stop off in Houston and do a temple session there. It was a great way to end the trip!
Had to get a virgin Pina Colada!