Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day at the Zoo

Since Gerret had Good Friday off we decided to take the little man to the Dallas Zoo for the first time! He loved it! It was so nice to spend time together and go do something with the three of us;)
They have this small children's zoo and a play area where they can run around and pet a bunch of the farm animals. right in the middle is a large water play area, Connor loved it. Thankfully I had a second pair of clothes for him, He was soaked. All and all it was a great day look forward to doing it again!

He is so cute I am totally bias! The giraffes are my favorite! Checking out how big those Coi fish are
Ending the day one the Merrie-go-round!

Blow Out

Last Friday I was driving from Melissa to a clients house into McKinney on my way to do another Massage, When boom ( what sounds like a small explosion) in my back right tire. My tire blew out;( It was freaky too I was going close to seventy miles per hour on Highway 75 right next to construction when it happened. Unfortunately there was no place for me to pull of the side of the road to get it taken care of, so I had to drive almost a mile to the next exit. I was pretty shocked when I saw how bad the tire looked completely shredded. So thankful that it wasn't more sever and I was safe enough to get off the freeway when it happened.
I was lucky enough to change my first tire;) It took me about 30 minutes to do it, I was all shook en up over the whole thing and stared at for a while in disbelief that it had just happened. By the time I was almost done this nice guy pulled over to help me and see if I was okay and helped me tighten the bolts those suckers are hard to get on and off. I was SO thankful for the help!

Hopefully this was the first and last tire I will have to change. If not I guess it was good practice;)