Monday, November 2, 2009

What's the latest and greatest?

We've been up to a few fun things over the past month that we thought were noteworthy enough to blog about. A couple weeks ago, we saw Jim Gaffigan, the comedian, do a stand up routine at the Majestic Theatre in Dowtown Dallas. He was incredible!!! Here's a YouTube video of one of his routines (not recorded by us):

Pretty funny stuff huh? Well it was sooooooooo much better in person.

A couple of days ago Sarah got some free tickets to the Dallas Stars hockey game. It was a lot of fun and even went to a shootout, but Dallas lost, so oh well.

For halloween Sarah and I went to a party at her co-worker Sarah's house. We had a pretty clever costume combination of ...

That's right! You hungry for breakfast now? Because I am! Bacon and eggs baby. I chose bacon specifically because of the Jim Gaffigan video above. Well, that's the latest and greatest. Get back to you soon!