Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pumpkin patch

October wouldn't be complete without going to a pumpkin patch! I love the fall and being outside with all the leaving changing colors, and the cool crisp air. Its just a fun busy time of year. We took Connor to the big orange pumpkin farm out in Selina. They have a great selection of pumpkins along with a hay ride, petting zoo, hay maze and a barrel ride! He loved it all and we enjoyed some family time spent there.

                                                       He loved picking out his pumpkin
                                                              This boy is getting tall!

                                                                 Enjoying the hay ride
                                                       My too favorite people in the world!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


We announced a while ago, but I wanted to put it on the blog as well!! We are expanding the Montgomery clan come this April. We are all really excited. Connor doesn't quite understand, but when you ask him where is the baby he points to my tummy. I know it will be a even bigger awakening for him once he or she gets here.  I am 17 weeks now and starting to feel human again. morning sickness really kicked my butt this time around. Zofran became my friend so that I could function, take care of Connor and still work.  We will find out in just a few more weeks right before thanksgiving if its a he or she. Either way it will fun for Connor to have a brother to wrestle with or a sister to be the big brother too! We will keep you posted on the announcement to come soon!      

Texas State fair

We have lived in Texas now for five years and we haven't ventured to the state fair since we moved here. We heard over and over again how you have to go just once and see how great it is, so we decided to give it a a shot a go this past October. They only have it for three weeks so basically anytime you go will be insanely busy. We went on a Wednesday and it wasn't bad, I was expecting much worse. We got in super cheap too! If you donate a few cans of food then you get in for three bucks instead of the normal 17. Anything to save money I am totally for! we had a  few corn dogs, some funnel cake, Connor went on a few rides, checked out the petting zoo, Connor got to be a farmer go threw this cute maze and do some shopping for his farm and ride a tractor. Then we walked around and enjoyed all the people watching which is one of my favorite things to do in a fair setting;) We had a great time. I wouldn't say we would go back every year, but I am glad we tried it and experienced it, the fair its self was pretty big and they did offer a ton of family things to do which was very nice! We had a great first experience at the fair!

                                                      Big Tex is giant and super creepy
                                                                  Feeding the goats
                                                      he loved riding the mini tractors!
                                       to end the day he got to draw on a pumpkin he picked!

3 Years Old

Connor turned Three years old in October! My has time flown by, I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. He is such a fun energetic happy boy, we are so lucky and thankful to have him in our family! He loves all cars, trains and especially planes. It's fun to watch him focus in on his toy planes and try and understand how they work and what makes them fly. He is starting to ask questions and really thinking about his little world and what makes it so. along with repeating everything little thing we say. Time to be extra careful on all the stuff we say now;) Happy birthday Connor we love you So very much!

For his birthday we had his cousin Ethan and Ella over and two of his buddies Keaton and Nathan out to this kids gymboree called Kid Mania with lots of places to climb and tons of slides, then back to our place for some lunch and cupcakes!
                           he loved opening his bedroom door to the decorations we had on there!

           This was the only good one i could get of them in one spot, before they all took off again.
                                                              Opening presents.

                                                                         cup cakes!  
 Connor and his buddy Keaton are only 6 days apart so we celebrated with Keaton on his big day at a fun bounce house! Keaton and Connor love cars his mom made them both this really cute shirt to wear on there birthdays!
                                                               cute birthday boys!
                                                 Loving all the time he had on the slides.