Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally getting it together

Well I made it here alive to Dallas right before Christmas. let me tell you that trip is not to be repeated. look at the picture's below of what my car looked like with my stuff packed and my brother and his family's, oh yeah don't forget the Christmas presents too Jammed into any crevice or hole. We drove straight threw for a whopping 26 hours. Daren should win a prize for that drive. I will admit he did most of it. I know your thinking how dumb are they to drive straight threw well now I see we are pretty dumb for that one, but we had a deadline and needed to be here before Christmas and we were somewhat cutting it close. Christmas was really nice we spent most of the time at Eric and Amy playing games hang out and watching movies it was really nice to relax and play with Hannah and Austin they are getting so dang big. Amy thanks for having us all there It was really fun Christmas! I know you put a lot of work into everything especially the food witch was great. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year!
So now we are looking for a place to live . There are almost to many apartments to choose form here so we want to find the right deal and location. Gerret is working his butt off poor guy is pulling about 12 to 14 hour shift he's the walking zombie right now. I took a job back a Massage Envy until something better comes along. Iam still interviewing at various places here. chiropractors offices and other spa's. We really miss California, but we both feel good about the move everything has fallen into place the way we wanted them to seven months ago. It feels great to finally have that happen. The weather here is somewhat sporadic today its going to be 80 degrees. Some day's it feels like California. That's the latest with us right now we miss all our family and friends back where our hearts truly call home, But we are looking forward to experience Dallas for a while.