Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Big Day Coming Up!

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She makes this picture look good

Well, it's 16 days until Sarah and I get married and everything is going great and falling into place. Sarah was able to sell her car, which definately took a load off of her shoulders. She has one more week of work in California before she is officially "unemployed". She is a little nervous about finding a job out here in Ithaca, but she knows that it will all work out in the end.

Sarah went through the temple for the first time for her endowment on Friday, February 23rd and enjoyed the spirit and beauty that prevails at the temple. Later that evening she finally got a chance to meet some of my brothers and sisters who live farther away and we all had a good time at Marcie and Scott's rehearsal dinner.

On Saturday we had a chance to go down to the temple again for Scott and Marcie's sealing and it was a wonderful ceremony. The spirit was so strong and both Scott and Marcie looked so happy. They are perfect for each other. Sarah was really excited that she was able to see a sealing before ours in almost 2 weeks. It was a good experience for her. After the reception, we went up to the BlueWater Grill in Santa Ana where I used to work for dinner with our friends Seth and Lindsay Cutrell and had a great time with them.

Unfortunately I had to leave Sarah again on Sunday evening and it was sad for both of us, but we are looking forward to when we don't have to be apart any more. I am back here in Ithaca now and just took a Biology exam and I think it went well. I have an Economics exam tomorrow that I am studying for tonight and hopefully that will go well too.

The weather is warming up a bit and is in the mid 30's during the daytime and the snow is finally starting to melt. I am hoping that by the time Sarah and I get back from our honeymoon to DisneyWorld that most of the snow will be gone and it will be welcoming weather for her. For those who haven't seen them yet, the pictures below are from the crazy snow/ice storm that came down on us here in Ithaca. It was pretty bad.

Our Apartment in Ithaca