Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I was fortunate enough to run my second half marathon, this time around with my good friend Becky! We did the race in San Antonino, It was a fun place to visit and check out some cool site before the big day. I had some training injuries this time, I had tarsal compression on the top of my left foot. it feels like chin splints but on the foot;( no fun and still hasn't healed all the way. I was able to finish the race though and beat my previous time by 10 minutes wahoooo! I was super happy about that!
 Before the race we spent some time on the boardwalk, took a boat ride and saw the Alamo. The night before we ate one of the best Italian restaurants ever and carb loaded;)  ( I wish I could eat pasta and bread every day.) It was a super fun weekend with great friends! Thanks Gerret and Sean for supporting us during this half. Looking forward to the next one!

                                                              Out in front of the Alamo
                                                                  on the River walk

                                                 Right before the race ( notice the smile.)

                                                               What were we thinking......
                                                 one of my favorite shots while running
                   We made it and survived;) Thanks Becky for running this with me it was a blast!!

found out a week after the race that I actually had a stress fracture on my left foot. total bummer no running for 6-8 weeks. what am I gonna do. I have grown to love running. I hope this heals fast for my sake.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My little man

Connor is growing up so fast. He has such a personality right now and I know that will only become stronger in time. My little man is almost two years old ahhhhhh...It really feels like just the other day he started crawling. Its been a while since I have done a update on him. He is a a hefty 32 pounds and 32 inches tall. He is talking a ton and really copying so many of the things we say. He loves  and I mean really loves Elmo and Cars the movie right now, along with trains and books. He is all boy, He really likes to be chased and then say " I got you" when we catch him! He loves to give kisses, lots of times its after he has taken a toy away from a kid or or pushed him down. ( joys of a toddler). If he could live outside he would,  Its been nice since the weather is finally cooling off so we can spend more time outside again. He has been saying more and more phrases as his clarity of words are coming through. Like

A mess
its stuck
where it go
Momma go bye bye
Play cars
and my favorite I got you

Its really cute when we count to three and throw him on the couch he says " three gain" Oh my little man how much we love you, and have so much joy in our home with you apart of our family.

These are some of my favorite right now

Sunday, September 9, 2012

California 2012

In August we went out to California for my friend Chelsae's wedding and decided to make a vacation out of it. We spent lots of time with gerrets parents and family. we made it to the beach a ton;) oh how I miss the ocean and salt air. It was so nice to spend some down time together and do some fun things. Gerret works super hard and many, many hours. It's always super nice to have him around for a whole 2 weeks!! We took Connor to sea world and Lego Land for the first time. He made it onto to his first ride at Lego land cant remember what it was called, It was an airplane ride that basically went around in circle. He was freaking out waiting in line he wanted to jump out and run into the coaster. once it got moving he loved it! We miss California and always talk about how we could move back on the way home, but realize how great we have it out here, and how much we love where we are at here in Dallas and the friends we consider family our here:)
It was also great getting to see my brothers! and for Connor to have some cousin time. I got to catch up with some good friends too that that I never see. I love that even though we don't get to talk much or see each other we pick up right where we left off! love that;)

Here are some pictures of the trip!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chelseas's Wedding

At the Beginning on August my best friend Chelsea got married! We were able to go out to California for her wedding and spend some vacation time out there as well. that will be an other post.
It was absolutely gorgeous. The whole wedding. bride, groom, ceremony and reception. They tided the knot at North chapel in Point Loma and down the street was there reception at admiral Kidd at the Naval base in the bay of San Diego. So Pretty!! I have know Chelsea since 7th grade so we go way back;) all of high school and the drama that comes with that, and all the good time as well. I am so thankful that we have been able  to stay in touch and remain such close friends all these years later. she is such an amazing girl and I am so happy to see her find happiness in her best friend A.K.A Husband Matt! They are such a great couple. we were so happy to be there and share there special day with them. Congratulation to Mr and Mrs Noelyn!
 It was a super busy weekend packed with the rehearsal dinner, wedding party lunches and evening bon fires with family and friends, and dancing. of course the big day as well. Here are some of the pictures!

                                                 The bridal party at the rehearsal dinner
                                                                       Getting ready
                                                          The limo ride to the church!

                This one is my favorite  holding hands by the door right before the ceremony

                                                                         First dance
                                                The beautiful Bride! her dress is gorgeous.

                                                                 me and my love!
I don't have any pictures of it but the wedding party had to dance there way into he reception.  It was a really cool way to kick on the reception and go right into the brides and grooms first dance. The DJ did a great job with music to get everyone comfortable with dancing. I have never been to a wedding with so much dancing it was great and done so well! It was a beautiful wedding for a beautiful bride and groom!

Fun in the Water

I cant believe Connor is almost two years old in October, where have these last two years gone. Connor is getting so big. He is starting to talk and he has a very strong independent personality;) He loves to be outside and anything with water makes him happy. he loves trains,  cars, blocks, books, music, bubbles and Elmo. He has the funniest run and when he is super excited he does high knees really fast;) 
 He has also started the terrible two's and boy they are so frustrating. No book about parenting can fully prepare you for what they do and how to handle it. I hope this time doesn't last a long, oh well we will all just have to survive through it! A few weeks ago we went on a trip out to California and made many visits to the beach. Connor loved the ocean it didn't scare him at all! he wanted to jump right in but, realized quickly he would be knocked down by a wave wish I had that on video it was pretty funny. Here are some pictures of him in the water, One of his favorite things to do.
I love some of the expressions on his face!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where has the time gone

These last few Months have flown by. We have been staying busy over here in Dallas, with work and play time while the weather is still good! Here is what we have been up to over the last few months. We made it down to Houston for the weekend to see my Brother Eric and his Family, we moved into a house! This is  really big Yay for us. We have been wanting more space for along time now. I will have to post on that one for another time. I took a girls trip out to California by MYSELF!!!! for my bestie Chelsae's bridal shower and Bachelorette party ( going to Disneyland the beach, Santa Monica and having lots of girl time!) My massage business and Connor have kept me really busy among everything else. Poor Connor came down with pink eye, a sinus infection and a ear ache the week I went away. Poor Gerret really had it bad. sick not happy toddler with no mom is not a good combo for anyone to handle. They both survived the week and were very happy to see come home! I totally missed them while I was away but certainly enjoyed my time;) Here are a  few pictures of the latest in no particular order.


 They had these really cool small trains that we could ride through the woods! Connor loved it.

 cousin fun!
  We took Connor to this bounce house in mckinney and he loved it.

 I got to see one of my long time friends while in Cali!! love Melissa.
the bridal party all had to waer matching shirts they all have our nick names on them.
All of us at lunch in Santa Monica yummy food and great view right on the beach.
Love me some Splash Mountain;)

 Chelseas bridal shower.

Of course my last night there I ended it this way!!!!! burrito and the beach, it doesnt get any better;)