Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Winter Festivities!

So there was a really bad snow storm all today and going on tomorrow. We officially had a snow warning here in Ithaca, and i will have to admit for the first time i really liked this storm. I didn't enjoy driving in it of course, but the fact that the snow was soft and fluffy (the good kind of snow). So what did we do? We made a snow man, the first snow man we have ever made. Living in Southern California your whole life you really don't get that opportunity too many times. It was great! I loved it, but it's harder than you would think. Maybe it's just me, I am no snow man expert, but it took us a little over an hour to do that. Maybe I shouldn't admit that, but oh well, we had a good time.
Last weekend we went Ice Skating with our friends Ben and Lexie, also known as "Bexie". I haven't been in like three years, so it was time I tried, and that didn't really work in my favor. I have to remember to not walk on the ice but more like glide on the ice. Gerret is a really good ice skater i would have never thought that, he had some good moves! well to all who live in warmer climates don't take it for granted, cause you can just think about how Gerret and i are freezing out butts of in Ithaca right now.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Birthday Dinner!!!

So my Birthday was this last Tuesday February 12 And when i woke up it was about negative 17 with wind chill and there was a really bad snow storm the kind with freezing rain while mixing with snow so your car has the potential to just slid right off the road yeah lots of fun... so it was not the sunniest birthday i have had, Plus i had to work at the Hospital and the Sorority so it was an uneventful day for me but this weekend we celebrated we went to Outback Steak house with some friends of ours Todd and Abby, it was Abby's birthday on the 13 so we figured we should celebrate together we had a good time! I had never been to Outback i know its kinda sad cause its a good resturant so we will be going again some time, thanks for a great birthday dinner Gerret!
Okay so i have been really bad about writing in our blog probably because gerret is always the one to do it so i am gonna try to be better about updating. So this is the latests about whats going on in Ithaca New York we have about 14 weeks till graduation but who counting... we still have no idea what we are gonna do when that time comes we want to move back to california but we dont know we could literally end up anywhere. we are narrowing it down to either California, Arizonia or Texas we figure that is so much warmer then what we have expeienced here in New York the thresh hold of hell and excuse me when i say that but i have never in my life felt cold weather or how brutally painful the wind can be when its -8 degrees outside and your whole body just hurts and feels like a ice cube.
Work for me is going well but iam looking forward to not having to work there any more and get back to doing what i enjoy Masage therapy Its what i know best. Well we are definatly excited to finally be at the point to get to figure out where we are going and what we are doing we have worked so hard to get to this point and its nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. we will keep you posted on where we are going and whats next.