Sunday, June 2, 2013

We have a Nudist in our midst

A few weeks back we were at a friends house for dinner, and Connor decided that after he was finished with his dinner that he was gonna go and jump on there trampoline. Sounds fun right?!?!
Its even better when your naked I guess.
We were still eating dinner and I look out to check on him and see him butt naked, having the time of his life. Had to grab a picture before he turned around. He keeps me laughing that's for sure!

Where did the last seven months go?

I have been so incredibly bad about keeping up with this blog over the last several months. I get mad at myself when I go to long, but it has been none stop busy in our house for a while now. we are coming up on some down time and that will let me catch up Hopefully;)
The latest
Gerret is basically a Rock Star and works his but off all the time. He is amazing! There is one downside though his work comes home with him all the time. The nature of his job I guess, it just wears you out unfortunately. When he is home he is taking advantage of some Connor time as much as he can! Love watching them play together. He also joined a softball league on Monday evenings that he is looking forward to.
I have been so thankful for a growing massage business, and how busy it has kept me. However I have been feeling really bad about being away from Connor to often during the week, but the great thing is he loves the girl that watches him and my sister when she helps out! Aside form working I love being with Connor he is my best little buddy and becoming such a big help around the house I might add!!
Connor is growing up so fast he defiantly not the cute chubby little baby I once had, but now this sweet, very independent little boy. Makes me happy but a little sad inside too.

Gerret had a birthday at the beginning of May and we celebrated with some Banana cake of course his favorite and some yummy Chuy's Mexican food. You have to when your birthday falls on Cinco De Mayo. I am so happy I have him as my best friend he is there for me in everything a do. Happy birthday Gerret! You really are the best and most amazing man;)