Saturday, October 9, 2010

California Trip

This is way late and I have been really bad about blogging, life has been very busy and i am glad to now have some time to post about what we have been up to. At the beginning of August Gerret and I were finally able to take a sweet vacation over to our trumping grounds to Carlsbad, where we spent lot's of time with family, friends and the beach. We left Texas at the right time when the temperatures exceeded well over a 100 degrees. August is the hottest month here so we picked a great time to leave. unfortunately we were really bad about taking pictures for some reason on this trip, but we got to do a ton of fun things like

Visit My cousins and family along with close friends in Arizonia on the way. Yes we did drive like crazy people there.

lay out on the beach

Go up to Huntington Beach to visit friends and return to the beach where Gerret proposed that's always fun!

Go to a concert in the park and see the local band called No Duh featuring all the no doubt music they weren't to bad.

Go to the Magic castle in LA. We have been trying to go there for the last 4 years now and fortunately we made it this trip thanks to our good friends Seth and Lindsey!

Had an amazing Baby shower from my mother in law and two awesome sister in laws! that was so much fun;)

I spent lots of late nights with some high school besties and caught up, man have things changed since high school. All for the better of course.

Ate at our favorite Mexican restaurants multiple times! Just can't get the same kind of Mexican food in Texas the way you can in California.

slept in everyday!

Went to Glendora and spent time with Gerret's grandma and Uncle

Had many wonderful meals from Gerret's Mom she is a great cook.

spent as much time as I could on the beach, that's what I miss the most about California other than some of my best friends. We really was spoiled growing up there.

We had a great time and hope to be able to go back next summer around the same time in August! Except this time we will have a little guy to bring with us cant wait for that!!!!!