Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Connor started Preschool this year. We were both excited for this one;) Its a in home Preschool with a girl that I knew from the Frisco 1 ward, Bright Young Minds. He goes two days a week for three hours! Its so nice because it allows me to do some of my clients during those hours in the day.It was a really rough start he did great the first two weeks then for the last five weeks he was having a really hard time. He would instigate some bad behavior or hit and kick the other poor kids and just not want anything to do with anyone. I was really worried as to what to do but, we just kept at it and trying different things that would hopefully help get him to realize that not good behavior. I think he just needed some time to adjust to a new person telling him how its gonna be and getting used to her way of doing things. Thankfully for now he is loving it again and enjoying his time with Mrs. Kristen and all the fun things they get do!

                                         First day of Preschool! He was so excited to go;)
                                                     Gosh he is getting so dang big.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


loves summer time, its one of my favorite times during the year! This summer was the first time we went peach picking here in Texas. So glad we went, one of Gerrets Co works  Victor and Antonella invited us to go with there family and we jumped on the opportunity. It was a hot day but we were ready for some good peach picking. Went about a hour North to Red River Peach Orchard. they had so many peaches since they didn't start growing till later in the summer. tons of the trees split in half because of the weight from all the peaches that were exploding all over the place.

                                                    Connor ready for some peach picking
                            the tree were so heavy with peaches the branches just gave out
                                                        trying to get the best ones!
                                     Connor was very happy to carry around his peach bucket.
                                     They had the most delicious peach soft serve. OMG it was good
                                                  Running around playing a little soccer
                                                         Enjoying some lemonade with Mateo
                     Since we had so many peaches it was only right to make peach cobbler!!!

            Thanks Victor and Antonella for inviting us we will definitely be doing this again!!

Some extra things we did!

Between all the other things we did on our vacation we were able to go to the Del Mar county fair with Gerrets parents! hang out with more cousins on gerrets side of the family and I got to spend some time with my closets friend Chelsea!
                          This was the only picture i got from the fair. I am so lame at taking pictures
                              Connor enjoying some wrestling time with JT and Cannon

             This was taken right after a melt down on the plane. we had a really really long day. with three flight changes, Yeah it was hard on everyone.
It was SO good to spend time with amazing friend of mine. I so wish she would move to Texas, but she like me is a California girl and its really hard to move away from a place like that. understandably of course. I miss you chels.

Lots of Beach time

We spent a good amount of time on the beach. you kinda have to when you are visiting southern California! I love and miss being by the ocean. I get sad when I think of the fact that our kids wont get the opportunity to be close to the ocean since we have put some good roots down in Dallas. It does make visiting all the better. Connor loves the water or anything to do with water pretty much,
so he didn't object to us going so often!

                                                          First of many days at the beach!

                                                              Enjoying the sunset
                                                             Walking along the pier!

                                                            Cole and Connor being silly
                               We were able to get most of us together for a bonfire at the beach

                                                                    Enjoying that smore
                                                           One of my favorite things!!!
                                                                Ger bear and I


The crazy fun vacation continues onto Disneyland! I was super nervous about bringing Connor he was only two at the time and wasn't sure if he would be over stimulated and just hate it all and go crazy. My brother talked me into bringing him and i am glad we did! luckily he did awesome and had a great time, no melt downs either!!! A big YAY for that. we were able to take him on almost all the rides to except space mountain, Indian Jones and splash mountain. Lucky there were enough adults around that we got to switch up taking turns going on all the rides we wanted to hit up as well. He also got to meet woody and Jessy from toy story he was so shy and excited that he got to see them! it was super cute. Disneyland you were awesome we had such a great time!!!

OF course Connor didn't want to take a picture
Not to sure he likes the jungle cruise

Loved finding Nemo
Love both these pictures!
Ha these two chicks in front of Eric and Amy

The three stroller amigos
Its a small world!
good one of the three of us!

Meeting woody and Jessy!
My favorite one of Connor of  the day
Waiting for the parade

Ending the day with fireworks!!

4 th of July

Fourth of July was super fun. We spent the whole morning at the beach! the weather was perfect and the waves were just right.that afternoon we went to a BBQ at my Aunts house and got to spend time with my other aunts and uncles and grandma. It was so nice to spend time with them and enjoy food, fun and catching up with them all!

                                               Digging a whole with cousin is super fun!
                                                              Running from the waves
                                                        All that sun will exhaust you;)
                                     My grandma and my uncle chucks mom and her friend
                      getting a picture will everyone looking at the right camera is very difficult
                                                 my aunt Cheryl aunt Kathy and my Mom
                   Che and Connor are both super fast runners, Connor wasn't fast enough this time!
                                                             Off to watch fire works!
                                               Hanging out with my brother Eric and his family!
                                                                  Me and my BFF