Thursday, May 15, 2014

Preggo Pictures

This past pregnancy went by really fast. With the exception of the last three weeks of course it just dragged on. It didn't help that I wasn't working to pass the time and Connor was in per school for a few hours a day. I can only clean and organize so much! I did try and enjoy my quite time, because lets face that is long gone now that miss Emily is here. I will post on her soon. I wanted to post some picture of my pregnancy, I never did with Connor. So I wanted to be better this time around;) Thankfully I was healthy and did have any complications.its fun to see how massive one can get and how different each pregnancy is.

                                                                          24 Weeks
                                                    this one is my favorite 32 Weeks
                                                                        36 weeks
                                                40 weeks preggo  and two days later she came!

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Jeff & Sarah said...

Cute! So happy for you and your sweet family. :)