Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day Out with Thomas

We wanted to do something fun for just Connor and the three of us before baby girl got here. since Connor loves trains so much we figured day out with Thomas would be the perfect fit for him. he loved it! lets just say he never wanted the day to end. It started with a twenty five minute train ride on Thomas the train. Then on to play with some actual Thomas the train toys. We had to get a tattoo of Thomas and color some Thomas pictures too of course! Then meet Sur Top ham Hat as well, and take picture with Thomas the train. Connor had a great time and still talks about being on the train with Thomas;)

                                                  He sees Thomas coming into the station.
                                   You can tell by his face he was pretty excited to be on the train!
                                                                  I love this boy!

                                                We had a a great day with Thomas!

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