Saturday, June 28, 2008

Take what you can when you can get it!

Gerret got a call yesterday from Homeland Security telling him to get ready he's leaving on sunday afternoon to go to Philidelphia for a few months. I was speechless when he told me Iam sooooo sad now I guess in my mind I figured that they were strining him along and that it wasn't going to happen and now he gonna be gone, Iam going to be husbandless for a few months man that sucks. I have to focus on the positive side of things he's working what a blessing especially right now when the economy is suffering greatly and thousands of people are being laid off. Its funny though that they can make things happen so incredibly fast when they want them to and in the mean time you just waiting hummmmmm is all I can say to that. Well that is the lastest we are excited to see where this going and where it will take us, hopefully not back on the east coast to live but I guess whatever. You gotta take what you can get right when the opportunity comes along right.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Aaah the San Diego Fair!

Every year they have a theme this year was summer of sports ( The Iron Man)
It would be so crazy to see some one fall from one of those rides kinda twisted huh.
everyone on the two rides to the left is upside down too.
Every year my parents took us to the fair growing up and it has always stuck with me I love it. We made it this year for Dollar Tuesday and that rocks its perfect for our budget ha ha ha. Its just fun to run around and watch all the crazy rides and the near death experiences people are probably having on them. Some look so unstable and not safe I just can brave up enough to get on one. It fun to walk around and eat different horrible fried food, I only do that once a year and that only happens at the fair for me. This year we had fried zucchini and pastrami sandwiches it was so good and for desert Funnel cake for me that is the best desert ever invented strawberries and whipped cream it doesn't get any better than that. I also love all the different venues. they have some pretty cool things all the instant cleaner and cookers and jewelry oh and the petting zoo there are some of the most interesting animala there like the Lama never saw one up close until today. We made it to a hypnotise show that was great I wish I had some pictures of that, words can't describe the hilarious things he had people doing on stage. For example a 17 year old boy gave birth to a baby girl a panda if you can imagine how that is going to go down pretty interesting. All and out it was a great time at the fair. Iam so glad that we made it this year. last year we were in new york so the distance would be a bit more difficult to make for a fair.
The mama Lama and her baby. They look like aliens

chelsea brittany cara erin and me

Monday, June 9, 2008

Niagara Falls and Palmyra

The Sacred Grove. I am so glad that we went one more time before we left. The Palmyra Temple from the Sacred Grove.

Gerret and his parents in front of the clock tower.

North Hill on compus looking out onto the countryside.
Horseshoe falls, which is Niagara falls in all it's power, plus a rainbow on the Canadian side.
When Gerret's parents came out for his graduation, we took them to Niagara falls and Palmyra, New York. It was Awesome it couldn't have been a nicer day. It is just amazing to see how much water acutally flows from the falls. It's amazing how incredibly huge they are upfront. Here are some pictures of the falls and the Sacred grove in the summer time. We also gave Gerret's parents the tour of Cornell's campus. It is such a beautiful place and it overlooks some cool scenery.

This is American Falls on the American side.

We are Here!

I coundn't resist. I had to take this picture while passing the border
This was an awesome Arizona sunset.
Me being terribly bored on the drive taking ramdom pictures of myself.
While driving through Ohio, we stopped to see the Kirtland, Ohio Temple.
It was beautiful.

Gerret playing dress up with Hannah and Austin's dress up clothes.
Caroline and Kaitlyn climbing on Gerret
Hannah and Austin had this really cute community sprinkler park to cool
off during their hot summer days in Texas. Here they are putting it to good use.
I want one of these to play in too.

Things have been so crazy here for us. We have been in California a week now and haven't had time to post much, so I am getting to it now I guess. I started work again as a massage therapist at La Costa and it's great to be back, but just slow for now it should get busy as the summer goes on. Gerret got the job with the D.E.A and will be leaving within the next two weeks to Indianapolis, we are excited to see where the opportunity will take us and for the cool experience that Gerret will get to have.
We arrived in California on Monday, June 2nd, after our long drive across country. We were so excited to see the sign "Welcome to California" when we crossed the border. We are just so happy to be back and thawing out from the Ithaca winter. We drove from Ithaca, New York to Dallas, Texas and stayed with my parents for a few nights and then continued on to Scottsdale, Arizona where we picked up the moving truck from Todd and Abby Runyan. While there, we got to see Carlyn Swensen and Matt Coates (her fiance). It was a long drive, but went by fast and we are happy we made it safely. I will admit, it was a boring, flat drive 'till we got to the west coast. I forgot how many hills and elevation climbs there are while driving through the desert.
When we stopped in Texas we got to see my brother Eric and his family along with Gerret's brother Kurt and his family. We had a great time visiting with them. Our nieces and nephews were so excited to see Uncle Gerret and to hang all over him and play dress up with him. Gerret is such a good sport. He is gonna be such a great dad when the time comes.