Monday, June 20, 2011

Funny little man

Connor is getting so big these days and has such a cute and quirky personality. He makes me laugh so much and we are SO grateful to have him here with us. These are some of the funny little things he does. One of the things he likes to do is sleep on top of his blankets. There hasn't been a night that goes bye since about 5 months that he doesn't bunch up his blanket and sleeps on top of it. I work out in the morning usually after he gets up and has been feed, since we don't have a membership anywhere the gym is usually my living room, He loves to chase me around trying to get my shoes laces, it's pretty funny stuff. when he crawls he usually has to have a object in one of his hands to crawl with. He has just recently started pulling himself up onto the couch, ottoman and the porch door. He is tantalized with staring at trees when we go for walks, but he hates and I mean scream bloody murder when we put him down on the grass. I cant help but laugh at him when it happens. He is also really enjoying play time outside in the pool " thankfully" and kicks and splashes the whole time. we also have a little thumb sucker too, can't fall asleep with out his thumb;( not gonna be fun to break that habit later on. When we make a clicking noise with our tongue he copies and makes right back at you. Connor loves his Daddy and when Gerret gets home he pretty much wiggles so hard out of my arms and into his with the biggest smile on his face. He also loves to say da da and na na. No momma yet but soon enough;) He also in the morning when he wakes up like to jump up and down in his crib and squeal its pretty funny to watch on his monitor. We just adore this funny little man of ours!!! I couldn't not post this picture its just to stinking cute!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to my Loving dad. Such a wonderful example of Patience love and kindness you have been, And shown me what a father should be to his wife and family. I love you SO much and I will always hold the fond and fun memories Mary and I have of you while we were little and you letting us put make up all over you and doing your hair. You just sat back and let us have a ball Coloring all over your face with moms play makeup. Thank you dad for all that you have done and sacrificed, Even sometimes your pride and letting us be girls and have fun that way.

Happy Fathers day to My husband for the fun loving great father that you are and the many, many memories that you will make with our children. We love and appreciate you and all your hard work.