Sunday, April 13, 2014


I have been SO incredibly bad about blogging these last several months. I really want to stay up to date with everything, but lets face it with a baby days away that's probably not gonna happen easily now. So I will pick up where I left off in the fall. For Thanksgiving this past year we went to Houston to spend it with my brother and his family. Most of us were there so it was great to see and spend time with most of the brothers and the kids could have time with the cousins. Amy did an amazing job as usual and took on a really big crowd. A very big thank you for hosting and everything you did to make it a wonderful thanksgiving. We spent plenty of time eating, playing outside, going to the park, doing some black Friday shopping of course, and laughing one of my favorite things to do while we are all together. Unfortunately the day after turkey day, Connor started  just about all of us off with a nice stomach bug. Nothing like kicking of the Christmas season with the pukes;{ It became quite comical when Austin and Cole came down with it as well about an hour later.  We were all quarantined to our rooms. By the time we all got home most of the adults were feeling it too. Fortunately that was the last day of the trip. not a fun way to spend it though. Aside from the pukes going down it was a blast and we had so much fun spending time together! Thanks again to Eric and Amy for being such awesome hosts!

                                                Of course we had time on the I pad for games.
                           Yeah we made a big mess of toys and games in the living room!
                                A little fun riding the power wheel. look out toddler driving!
                  Eric had a rocket to shoot off while we were their, Yeah it didn't work so well.
                                              Gerret and Eric having fun on the tire swing.
      Once everyone got down to Houston we decided it was a good time to announce the Gender of Baby Montgomery number 2. We are having a Girl!!!  We are super excited;} Bring on the bows, dolls and tea sets!