Sunday, January 29, 2012

A minute to late

I was in the kitchen getting Connors breakfast ready one morning this past week, and it got awfully quite. " red flag" I usually try to keep my bedroom door closed but, occasionally I will forget and he goes right in and goes through everything he can get his hands on. He was literally in my room a minute and half at most and this is what I find.

He is way to fast. I had to snag a picture before he noticed me. wish he was actually sorting out that mess of papers that would be awesome. oh well I can't get mad at that adorable little man of ours;)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

I didnt snag any pictures with us of all together, but we spent time with the Gorgueiro cousin for some good times!
Connor having fun with his buddy Sean!
got to visit this great family on our stop in Phoenix!
miss the San Diego Temple, love how they decorate it.

Visiting with some besties that I miss.
Honestly i hear this every day
Opening presents

Our little family looking at the lights at the SD temple

Excuse everything being out of order I don't have the patience to go back and re do it all. I lost it once so I wanted to get it all on here for now.

This December went by so quickly I felt like there wasn't enough time to get fully into the Christmas spirit. For the holiday we were able to travel to California to spend it with Gerrets family! Connor and I flew out on the 13th and gerret drove out a week later. The day before the flight Connor came down with a high fever:( I was lucky to get him in that same day and turn out... A double ear infection "NO Bueno" at all. I was very nervous to fly with a sick kid and have his ears hurt while flying on a plane with all the pressure changes. Answer to my prayers! He was so good he wasn't bothered at all by his ears the whole time. Very thankful for that. was afraid by the end of the flight that everyone would hate us. Fortunately it didnt turn out that way.
We hung low the first few days till Gerret got in. walked on the beach, grandma and grandpa enjoyed lots of time with Connor. They demanded that we leave him with them. We Happily obliged;) gave us of time to do some Christmas shopping, visit with friends and family that we don't see, go on some dates, go to the temple, see some movies we wanted to see and hit up some restaurants that Texas doesn't have. I was able to visit my grandma, unfortunately she has demensia and didn't remember, but it was still nice to have her meet Connor.
On Christmas eve we all went to the festival of lights at Del Mar and out to dinner at Red Robin then played Santa after Connor went to bed. Christmas day it was fun to watch connor get overwhelmed with all the wrapping paper and toys. He didn't really play with them or get to enjoy them untill the end of the day when everything calmed down. We had a great dinner and a relaxing day with the family. We decided to leave before New years since we had to drive back. We drove through Phoenix to see our good friend Carlynn and Matt, and get to meet there adorable little boy who is about the same age as Connor. It was so nice to see them! We meet Carlynn back in New york and its great to still keep in touch with them.
California we miss you! we had a great Christmas with you;) Here are some pictures of the fun.