Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Latest happenings

January and February just flew by in the blink of an eye practically, and now we are half way through march where has the time gone? I will tell you where. Connor, working, massage, playing, birthday, Valentines day, sleeping and Connor again. This little man who is not quite so little anymore has been growing and reaching some sweet milestones. He can now roll over in both directions, we stated on some solids ( rice cereal) he has only had it a few times we are taking it slow. started cutting teeth not one but two at the same time;( I have been a little nervous about this coming, I am still nursing and I don't want to be bitten. We will see I will take it one feeding at a time. I am not quite ready to ween him yet and I am really enjoying it now. For now I will try not to let myself stress over it until something happen. He has been sleeping longer stretches at night and loves to hang out with mom and dad and smile whenever he get the chance.
We celebrated my 26th birthday in February with some good friends at the cheesecake factory and then at the bowling ally it was a super fun night!
Gerret has been very busy with work and the young men and scouting he gets to go on a camp-out once a month with the scouts. It seems to keep him very busy.
We are looking forward to spring and some great outside weather. Along with spring we are approaching our 4 year anniversary tomorrow St. Patric's day. I am so blessed to have been able to marry my best friend. He makes me laugh all the time still, is the most diligent and hard working person I know and such a great dad to Connor. It has been fun to see how he interacts with him and how incredibly much he loves that boy. I love you so much Gerret for the man, husband and father you are. Happy Anniversary!